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Tue Sep 21 15:59:17 CEST 2004

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> >>>>> "GB" == Göran Broström <gb at stat.umu.se>
> >>>>>     on Mon, 20 Sep 2004 22:28:08 +0200 writes:
>     GB> I had the same problem. I think you must keep the
>     GB> 'Depends' field in DESCRIPTION file.
> yes, definitely.
> And since you are (rightly, thank you!) working with 2.0.0-beta,
> please consider
>    http://developer.r-project.org/200update.txt
> which mentions more things on 'Depends:', 'Suggests:' etc.
> Also, don't forget to use 'Writing R Extensions' of 2.0.0.

For some reason, I got the impression that the import directives in the
NAMESPACE file _replaced_ the 'Depends:' line, rather than _augmenting_ it.
It seems that Gõran had the same problem.  

May I suggest two changes:  First, a more informative error message would be
very helpful.  Perhaps replacing 
	"Namespace dependencies not required" 
which doesn't really state the nature of the problem with 
	"NAMESPACE imports package(s) not listed package dependencies".  
Second, it would help to add a paragraph noting that all of the packages
'import'ed must also be listed in the package 'Depends:' field to section
1.6 of the R Extensions document.   [I would suggest verbage, but I've gotta
go to an appointment now..]


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