[Rd] Follow-Up: R on FC4

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
Mon Aug 1 19:04:16 CEST 2005

Dear List,

A few weeks ago a discussion took place regarding Fedora Core 4 and
compiling R on that platform using the new version 4 of gcc and its
gfortran compiler.

gcc was recently updated to 4.0.1 on FC4 (4.0.1-5 in Red Hat Land) so I
thought I'd give compiling R a go on my laptop which needed updating
anyway. I've had trouble using the optimisation flags I used to use
under FC3 with FC4 and the compatibility version of g77, so I wanted to
see if I could compile with the flags I was used to (under FC3) with
gfortran on FC4. I was compiling with no extra flags on g77 to get it to
compile at all on my FC4 desktop.

R-patched compiles and make check-all succeeds on FC with gcc/g+
+/gfortran using these options at least: -g -O3 -m32 -pipe -mcpu=i386 -

R-devel compiles without error (same set of flags as above) but fails
make check-all in p-r-random-tests.R - the relevant section of p-r-
random-tests.Rout.fail is:

> dkwtest("norm")
norm() PASSED
[1] TRUE
> dkwtest("norm",mean = 5,sd = 3)
norm(mean = 5, sd = 3) PASSED
[1] TRUE
> dkwtest("gamma",shape =  0.1)
gamma(shape = 0.1) PASSED
[1] TRUE
> dkwtest("gamma",shape =  0.2)
gamma(shape = 0.2) PASSED
[1] TRUE
> dkwtest("gamma",shape = 10)
gamma(shape = 10) FAILED
Error in dkwtest("gamma", shape = 10) : dkwtest failed
Execution halted

Is this a tolerance setting in R's tests not being met or is this
indicative of a bad compilation of R-Devel on FC4 with gfortran?

Both these compilations was using the svn-acquired sources from this
R-patched = revision 35098
R-Devel = revision 35098


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