[Rd] .Call and Segmentation Fault

Ricardo Luiz Andrade Abrantes rabrantes82 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 00:08:51 CEST 2005

Hello to everyone!
I use .Call to call a C function without arguments wich calls a
fortran optimization package. My C function uses others C and Fortran
functions and it works fine when I call it from a main() in a C
program. But when I call it from R with
.Call("name_of_the_c_function"), R gives me some weird output.
This weird output is a worng answer to my optimization problem
(sometimes after thousands iteractions, what does not occur when
called from C) or a segmentation fault error. The kind of output
depends on the machine I am using. At home I got a segmentation faul,
in university I got those wrong values.
I tried a memcheck in C and Fortran binaries, but everything seems
allright except by 2 missing free() calls (wich I don`t think might be
causing this error).
I compiled my C and Fortran files with R CMD SHARED and then linked
all the .o with the same command. I also tried compiling all the
needed object files with -fPIC and -shared and then using R CMD SHARED
to link everything, but I got the same problem.
The only thing I do in R is the following:


Can someone hellp me with this?



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