[Rd] reading data from a pipe() uses 99% CPU (PR#7634)

keith at nissimo.net keith at nissimo.net
Wed Feb 2 20:18:45 CET 2005

Full_Name: Keith L. Frost
Version: R 2.0.1 (Rgui -- Win32)
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
Submission from: (NULL) (

There seems to be a bug in the Win32 implementation of reading data from another
which has been started from the pipe() call.  The other process gets starved for
time --- it takes well over ten times as long to complete as it would if running
the same pipe() call, if only the calling (R) process did not read from the
pipe.  I
have tried using readLines() and scan(), and both have the same effect.

This bug seems to be OS-specific:  I have not observed this behavior under

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