[Rd] Re: [R] Internationalization and localization of R

Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa feferraz at ime.usp.br
Sun Feb 6 20:42:45 CET 2005

Prof Brian Ripley writes:
> - People might like to start organizing translation teams for their own
>   languages, and early experience from such a team would be helpful in
>   polishing the instructions and mechanisms.  There is a document for
>   translators at
>   http://developer.r-project.org/Translations.html
>   If translations are available by early April they can be shipped with
>   2.1.0 (although there are planned to be mechanisms to add them to an R
>   installation).

        I´ve been playing with the translation files here (I intend to
to translate the base and recommended packages files to Portuguese), and
I noticed a minor problem with the instructions detailed in 


        Where it says:

" Then compile and install the translated catalogues by 

mkdir ../inst/po/LC_MESSAGES/sl
msgfmt -o ../inst/po/LC_MESSAGES/sl/R-splines.mo R-sl.po
msgfmt -o ../inst/po/LC_MESSAGES/sl/splines.mo sl.po

        It should read:

mkdir ../inst/po/sl/LC_MESSAGES/
msgfmt -o ../inst/po/sl/LC_MESSAGES/R-splines.mo R-sl.po
msgfmt -o ../inst/po/sl/LC_MESSAGES/splines.mo sl.po

        After fixing this I managed to get the gettext translated
messages to work here. 

        On a side note, are there any plans regarding the translation
of the .Rd documentation files? As much as the translation of
messages is important, I believe that the online documentation would
also be an essencial issue.

Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa

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