[Rd] barplot: space makes beside=F (PR#7668)

o.medek at sh.cvut.cz o.medek at sh.cvut.cz
Mon Feb 7 21:03:19 CET 2005

Full_Name: Ondrej Medek
Version: 2.0.1
OS: Linux/Debian Sarge
Submission from: (NULL) (

I had a R version 1.5.1 and I used a 'barplot' with 'beside=T' and 'space' has
been vector of 8 numbers 'space=c(1,0.5,rep(c(0.5,-0.5),3))'. Then I upgraded to
the R 2.0.1 and my graphs are broken. If I use any vector of more than 2
elements for 'space' then the graph is drawn as 'beside=F' even if I specify

In the previous version my graph was a graph of groups of eight bars separated
by a big spaces. Every group consisted of 4 pairs of bars separated by a small
space. It's impossible now.

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