[Rd] Wishlist: simple legend options (PR#7400)

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Feb 14 12:06:37 CET 2005

Gregor GORJANC wrote:

> Hello Uwe.
> Thanks for the response. I was searching in bug repository for something 
> else and found that wish. Hoewever I tried to do a search for that, so I 
> would not bother R-devel team. I was not successfull in finding any 
> meaningfull comments on legend in
> http://developer.r-project.org/R.svnlog.2005

Right, because it was done last year:
has (among other legend related entries):

r32089 | murdoch | 2004-12-02 17:17:43 -0500 (Thu, 02 Dec 2004) | 1 line
Changed paths:
    M /trunk/NEWS
    M /trunk/src/library/graphics/R/legend.R
    M /trunk/src/library/graphics/man/legend.Rd

legend() enhancements from PR#7400

> You are right with NEWS file in R-devel. It really documents this 
> improvement. Very nice. You guys really do an excellent job. I did not 
> looked in NEWS file since it is kind of "hidden" i.e. one needs to 
> download the R-devel and look in that file. But I confes, it is my 
> blame, not of R-devel folk. However I think, that it would be nice that 
> link to NEWS file would be accessible directly from R websites. I wrote 
> few lines of HTML code that could be added to CRAN webpages for this. I 
> hope r-team or CRAN maintainers will find this usefull.

The file is much more easily available via SVN:


Uwe Ligges

> Look files:
> * A replacement for http://cran.at.r-project.org/sources.html. I added 
> link to last R-devel and R-patched archives and to corresponding NEWS 
> files. However there are now no NEWS files at 
> ftp://ftp.stat.math.ethz.ch/Software/R. I suggest that NEWS files for 
> last R-devel and R-patched should be there, but since there are two, 
> they could be named NEWS-devel and NEWS-patched or something alike. 
> Maybe one could even divide directories ro R-devel and R-pacthed.
> File is available at:
> http://www.bfro.uni-lj.si/MR/ggorjan/sources.html
> * A replacement for http://cran.at.r-project.org/banner.shtml. I added 
> the same as above.
> File is available at:
> http://www.bfro.uni-lj.si/MR/ggorjan/banner.shtml
> Uwe Ligges wrote:
>> Gorjanc Gregor wrote:
>>> Hello!
>>> I was loooking in R-bugs and found under wishlist-fullfilled wish for 
>>> "smart" placement of a legend. This has already been done in package
>>> gplots in function smartlegend.
>>> One question. This "bug-report" is under wishlist-fullfilled. Is it 
>>> really
>>> fullfilled? 
>> Yes, in the current developer release (AKA R-devel, to be R-2.1.0), as 
>> you can easily see in the correpsonding NEWS file and the svn logs.
>> Why do you follow up into the bug repository?
>> Uwe Ligges
>>> Mail from Elizabeth
>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------
>>> It would be nice if legend had the option of some default locations 
>>> you could
>>> choose instead of entering specific coordinates, like "topleft",
>>> "topright","topcenter", etc. based on par("usr") coordinates. I know 
>>> I've wanted
>>> it so often I've made my own simple non-robust wrap-around, so I 
>>> don't have to
>>> remember or parse the xjust and yjust options necessary to make it 
>>> work. Of
>>> course there should be the option of entering in your own coordinates.
>>> Also it would be nice to be able to put a optional title inside your 
>>> legend.
>>> Currently I just make my title the first value in my legend vector, 
>>> and then fix
>>> the other options so no symbols plot next to it. But this isn't 
>>> always a pretty
>>> result and can be a pain if your symbols are complicated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Elizabeth
>>> Response to Elizabeth by Duncan Murdoch
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