[Rd] read.ftable, write.ftable -- move to base?

David Firth d.firth at warwick.ac.uk
Fri Feb 18 12:34:06 CET 2005

This is just to suggest that the functions read.ftable and write.ftable 
be moved from the stats package to the base package.

As I understand it, this would allow ftable format to be used (more 
easily than at present) for datasets placed in the "data" subdirectory 
of packages.  And that would be a good thing?  (It would also make the 
advice given in Writing R Extensions,
> Currently, data files can have one of three types as indicated by 
> their extension: plain R code (.R or .r), tables (.tab, .txt, or 
> .csv)...
clearer in the sense that "table" could be read to mean the same thing 
as it does in other parts of R.)


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