[Rd] eapply weirdness/bug

Luke Tierney luke at stat.uiowa.edu
Sun Feb 20 17:58:29 CET 2005

On Sat, 20 Feb 2005, Peter Dalgaard wrote:

> Luke Tierney <luke at stat.uiowa.edu> writes:
>> For this specific case though, I _think_ the semantics we want is this:
>>      eapply1 <- function(env, FUN, ..., all.names = FALSE) {
>>  	FUN <- match.fun(FUN)
>>  	lapply(.Internal(env2list(env, all.names)), FUN, ...)
>>      }
>> Not passing the ... in the current implementation is, I think, an
>> oversight, as is the extra evaluation that occurs.  Given that lapply
>> is already internal I'm not sure there really is very much benefit in
>> having the internal eapply.  If not I'd prefer to replace it by
>> something like this; if there are reasons for keeping the .Internal we
>> can work on replicating these semantics as closely as possible.  I
>> think Robert is the one who would know the issues.
> I agree on the semantics (I didn't quite think of the consequences of
> FUN doing an eval.parent and things like that before). But if
> implemented literally, wouldn't that env2list cause some undesirable
> copying? I have the impression that people interested in eapply use
> their environments to hold some pretty large objects. So maybe we
> should stick with the get()-based version
>      eapply2 <- function(env, FUN, ..., all.names = FALSE) {
>       FUN <- match.fun(FUN)
>       nm <- ls(envir=env,all.names=all.names)
>       FUN2 <- function(name,...)FUN(get(name),...)
>       lapply(nm, FUN2, ...)
>      }

The copying issue is a good point--Robert also reminded me of this.  I
_think_ the approach based on env2list would be OK but I'd have to
check very caerfully to be sure.  Rather than spend time doing that I
think this argues for keeping the .Internal varsion and modifying it
to obtain the semantics we want.  I'll look into that.


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