[Rd] new("call") problem (PR#7490)

Robert.McGehee at geodecapital.com Robert.McGehee at geodecapital.com
Mon Jan 10 16:47:08 CET 2005

I have found a solution to the new("call") problem that I believe
produces the correct behavior for the default call object, and am also
reclassifying this as a bug, as I believe the current behavior to be

Recap, the following error occurs:
> new("call")
Error in print("<undef>"()) : couldn't find function "<undef>"

It looks like the problem is that the default object for new("call") is
the function "<undef>"(), which does not exist. So, the show() and
print() methods correspondingly fail.

If I initialize the "<undef>"() function at the beginning of my code to
an empty function:

> "<undef>" <- new("function")

then new("call") will then reference an existing (yet empty) object that
is coerced into a call, and the show and print methods correctly display
this object as NULL. Furthermore, I am able to extend this empty call
object to other S4 objects without trouble.

> "<undef>" <- new("function")
> new("call")

> str(new("call"))
Formal class 'call' [package "methods"] with 0 slots

This, I believe is the preferred behavior of new("call"), and I would
contend this fix should be included in the R source.


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The below looks like the show method has trouble with the default call
object (or that there is no default call object). Not sure if this is a
bug, design problem, or a difficulty on my part using and extending the
call class, but it has caused difficulty for when I want to extend the
call class into other S4 classes.

> new("call")
Error in print("<undef>"()) : couldn't find function "<undef>"

This error pops up when I show an object with an empty call slot.
Error in show("<undef>"()) : Unable to find the argument "object" in
selecting a method for function "show"

I'll leave it up to the developers to designate this as a bug or not,
but I would certainly prefer that new() and show() never reports errors
when an empty object is passed as an argument (of any class).


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