[Rd] XFIG color output (PR#7491)

chris.haidinyak at amd.com chris.haidinyak at amd.com
Mon Jan 10 18:17:34 CET 2005

Full_Name: Chris Haidinyak
Version: 2.0.1 & 1.9.0
OS: Linux x86_64
Submission from: (NULL) (


   I am using R 1.9.0 (on Linux Redhat AS 3 - x86_64) and 2.0.1 (on Linux Fedora
Core 3 - x86_64) and am having problems using graphs created with the xfig

1.9.0 problem - sometimes the graph output puts the color definitions in the
wrong place in the file. According to the xfig program, color definitions must
come before any object. For whatever reason, R sometimes produces xfig files
with color definitions in the wrong place. Run demo('graphics') to recreate the

2.0.1 problem - This release seems worse that 1.9.0. All of the graphic output
from R to xfig (using the following script
produces only b/w graphs or no graph at all.

What is the problem? Am I doing something wrong? Please advise; thank you.

Best Regards,
  Chris Haidinyak

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