[Rd] Questions to users of AIX, HP-UX or Irix

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 09:40:03 CET 2005

We are working on internationalization of R, in particular support for 
Unicode via UTF-8 locales and incorporation of the work of the 
`Japanization' group.  A document on the current position can be found at


We have read that AIX, HP-UX and Irix have (or had?) no support for UTF-8 
locales (e.g. en_GB.utf8).  Solaris has a limited range of such locales, 
and glibc-based systems have many (150 on FC3).  Conventionally, locale -a 
will tell you: could users of AIX, HP-UX or Irix please check?

We would also like to know if those systems have support for the C99 (but 
also UNIX98) functions mbrtowc and wcwidth.

The answers will affect the decisions on to what extent we continue to 
support some features of R on systems without internationalization 
support.  If no one reports a system without these features we are likely 
to assume them for 2.1.0 (except wcwidth which is patchy).

[Windows issues are rather different and are still under discussion.]

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