[Rd] sprintf("%s\n", a) segfaults R with big a (PR#7554)

webb.sprague at gmail.com webb.sprague at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 22:36:04 CET 2005

Full_Name: Webb S.
Version: 2.0.1
OS: Linux Debian
Submission from: (NULL) (


> b = 'a small string'
> sprintf('foo: %s\n', b)
[1] "foo: a small string\n"
> a = matrix (ncol=100, nrow=1000, data=c(1,2,3,4,5))
> a.serial = serialize(a, NULL, ascii=TRUE)
> sprintf('foo: %s\n', a.serial)

Segmentation fault

I don't have a core dump to send--sorry.  If I have time, I will try to debug
it, but I probably won't be able to....


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