[Rd] * creating vignettes ... ERROR

Philippe Hupé Philippe.Hupe at curie.fr
Mon Jan 24 10:35:37 CET 2005

Achim Zeileis a écrit :

>I just talked to Uwe to properly understand the problem. Is it correct
>that the vignette gets correctly compiled to a pdf and that only the R
>CMD build script claims that there has been an error and then
>Could you please try the following: go into the inst/doc directory of
>your e1071 copy and try there
>  R> Sweave("svmdoc.Rnw")
>  R> texi2dvi("svmdoc.tex", pdf = TRUE)
>Does that work properly?
Thanks all of you for your answer.

running Sweave and texi2dvi directly in R leads to the same error:

ALGARVE> Sweave("svmdoc.Rnw")
Writing to file svmdoc.tex
Processing code chunks ...
1 : echo term verbatim
2 : echo term verbatim
3 : echo term verbatim
4 : echo term verbatim
5 : term tex
6 : echo term verbatim
7 : term tex

You can now run LaTeX on svmdoc.tex
ALGARVE> texi2dvi("svmdoc.tex", pdf = TRUE)
/usr/lib/R/bin/texi2dvi: pdflatex exited with bad status, quitting.
/usr/lib/R/bin/texi2dvi: see svmdoc.log for errors.
Error in texi2dvi("svmdoc.tex", pdf = TRUE) :
running texi2dvi on svmdoc.tex failed

The tex file is well generated. Running latex on this file (Sweave.sty 
is in my latex path) build the dvi file correctly.


>Also, please send me the .log file that didn't come through on R-devel.
>If we can track down the problem precisely, I'll talk directly to Kurt
>about it.

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