[Rd] Bug in Windows File Selector (PR#7561)

Paul Vet rvet at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Jan 25 08:10:46 CET 2005

Hi Professor,

Thanks for the clarifications.  I appreciate your patience.  That said,
if I could make a couple suggestions:

1.  The Help menu disappears when the Console isn't the focused window.
  As such, I didn't see the glaringly obvious "FAQ on R for Windows"
which would have answered my question right off the bat.  Perhaps having
the Help menu present for all sub-windows would help future newbies?

2.  I'm still hung up on the Save As.. issue.  After this I promise I'll
drop it, but it's quite the non-conventional way to act.  To quote the
Official Microsoft UI Guidelines

The Save in drop-down list box indicates the immediate container in the
directory path (or folder). The user can change the path by using this
control and the list of files box. If the file already exists, save it
to its original location. This means that <b>the current path for the
Save As dialog box should always be set to the path where the file was
last saved</b>. If the file has never been saved, save the file with
your application's default path setting (which should typically be in
the My Documents folder) or to the location defined by the user, either
by typing the path or by using the controls in the dialog box.
[Emphasis mine]

This just felt like a simple oversight to me, and I was suprised to hear
that it was considered a feature.  My apologies for being persistent,
I'll drop the issue now.  Just trying to give you the perspective that I
have as a Windows user new to your app.

Thanks again,
Paul Vet.

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