[Rd] Proposals

BXC (Bendix Carstensen) bxc at steno.dk
Tue Jul 5 09:59:07 CEST 2005

We just launched the Epi-package for R.

It contains some functions which are not particular to epidemiology,
and which you may consider moving to base/stats/graphics.

They are:

nice()    - an extension for pretty() with some improved control for
Relevel() - extension of relevel() allowing collapsing oflevels and
            arbitrary reshuffling of ordering
ncut()    - a cut function returning a numerical rather than factor

If you take some of them over, I'll remove them from Epi, and make the
necessary changes should the names be changed.

As a quite separate matter, I often find myself doing:

AAnam <- [some named list]
AA <- array( NA, dim=sapply( AAnam, length ), dimnames=AAnam )

It would be a nice facility to have dim= default to
sapply( dimnames, length ) if dimnames were given as argument.
There really is no other reasonable value possible for dim if dimnames
are given.

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