[Rd] Computer algebra in R - would that be an idea??

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Sun Jul 17 20:24:30 CEST 2005

On 17 July 2005 at 17:29, Ayal Pinkus wrote:
| Do you have cvs, and the possibility to compile under Windows?

Yes on both counts, though CVS got replaced by SVN. 

R builds fine under Windows (though you need to pay attention to the details
which are in the (binary) distribution in the pdf files, in particular: `R
Installation and Administration Manual', a html copy is also on the website;
and the README* and INSTALL files in src/gnuwin32/ ).  These details look
tedious at first, and you may have to install a few things, but it keeps the
sources closely tied between Windoze and the Unixish operating systems on
which many of us prefer to develop.

Allow me to add that this sounds very exciting. On Quantian, the only
'bridge' between Yacas, Maxima, ... and R was in the TeXmacs editor. Getting
the programs to talk directly is a very promising idea. I look forward to
toying with this one day!

Regards, Dirk

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         -- Roger Koenker, 'Dictionary of Received Ideas of Statistics'

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