[Rd] Minor "bug" in source()

Henrik Bengtsson hb at maths.lth.se
Tue Jul 19 09:16:05 CEST 2005

For R v2.1.1 patched and R v2.2.0 devel:

Calling source(file, chdir=TRUE) with is.character(file) != TRUE, that 
is, with 'file' as a connection, will generate an error. Example:

 > file <- textConnection("cat('Hello world\n')")
 > source(file, chdir=TRUE)
Error in source(file, chdir = TRUE) : Object "ofile" not found

Of course, it does not make sense to change working directory, but 
quietly ignoring 'chdir' is better, I think.

This is due to a simple coding mistake in source() [sorry, 56k modem
=> no R source => no diff]:

     if (is.character(file)) {
         ofile <- file
         if (capabilities("iconv")) {
             if (identical(encoding, "unknown")) {
     Ne <- length(exprs <- .Internal(parse(file, n = -1, NULL,
     if (verbose)
         cat("--> parsed", Ne, "expressions; now eval(.)ing them:\n")
     if (Ne == 0)
     if (chdir && is.character(ofile)) {        <=== HERE
         isURL <- length(grep("^(ftp|http|file)://", ofile)) >
         if (!isURL && (path <- dirname(ofile)) != ".") {
             owd <- getwd()
             on.exit(setwd(owd), add = TRUE)

I suggest to either i) do 'ofile <- file' before the first if-clause 
above, or better ii) move the last if-clause inside the first one (and 
remove " && is.character(ofile)").



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