[Rd] R_BATCHSAVE setting in config.site

Douglas Grove dgrove at fhcrc.org
Fri Jul 29 19:27:39 CEST 2005


I just downloaded and installed last nights version of R-patched
and decided that I'd set R_BATCHSAVE=--no-save in config.site,
which I haven't done before.

Since the comment above R_BATCHSAVE in config.site says:
  ## The default behavior of R if it encounters EOF in batch mode.
  ## Set this to one of '--save' or '--no-save' depending whether you
  ## want automatic saving of '.RData' or not.
so I assumed it should only affect BATCH mode.  However, I'm finding
the opposite, it only affects interactive mode, and *not* BATCH mode.

I configured and made R two different ways, one with R_BATCHSAVE set
to --no-save and one with it left unset (defaulting to --save).
I compared the resulting scripts to one another.  I found that
there was no difference in the ${R_HOME}/bin/BATCH scripts but there was 
a difference in the ${R_HOME}/bin/R scripts.  When I set R_BATCHSAVE
to --no-save I got:  
  exec "${R_binary}" --no-save ${args}
rather instead of: 
  exec "${R_binary}"  ${args}
one line 175 of /bin/R.

Am I missing something (certainly not an uncommon occurrance) or
is this a mistake?

Doug Grove

Statistical Research Associate
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Seattle, WA

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