[Rd] anova.mlm again

Bela Bauer bela_b at gmx.net
Wed Jun 1 18:33:20 CEST 2005

[hope this doesn't get posted twice, my first mail bounced]


again, this is about the call bug in anova.mlm. I originally reported it 
as PR#7898 and I suggested a fix at PR#7904. (None of these message were 
forwarded to R-Devel, instead I received a bounce telling me that my 
provider's SPF settings are incorrect. They are, though, so there seems 
to be a problem with the forwarder).

The fix suggested in PR#7904 doesn't resolve all problems; it fixes the 
call for the fit objects, but the same problems occurs for idata. Hence, 
there needs to be an additional change made to anova.mlm. I basically 
changed anova.mlm to the following:
    if(length(list(object, ...)) > 1){
        cl <- match.call()
        cl[[1]] <- as.name("anova.mlmlist")
        cl[[2]] <- list(object, ...)
        if (!is.null(cl$idata)) {
            cl$idata <- idata
# ...
Additionally, anova.mlmist has to be changed to accept a list as 
parameters. I've attached a patch of my current code against R-2.1.0.

I would suggest PR#7904 to be deleted; I meant it to be a comment on 
PR#7898, but by mistake added an extra ":" to the subject line.



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