[Rd] dotcode typo?

Huntsinger, Reid reid_huntsinger at merck.com
Thu Jun 2 18:52:05 CEST 2005

Sorry, I was looking at 2.0.1 when I meant to be looking at 2.1.0. The line
numbers for the latter are 161-179 and line 164 is the one with what I think
is a typo.

Reid Huntsinger

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I ran across the following in the R-2.0.1 source, src/main/dotcode.c, in the
function resolveNativeRoutine(), lines 146-163. Line 152 looks like a typo:
here are lines 149-155

 if(!*fun) {
        if(dll.type != FILENAME) {
            *fun = R_FindNativeSymbolFromDLL(buf, &dll, symbol);
            if(!fun) {
                errorcall(call, "cannot resolve native routine");

and I think the "if(!fun)" should be "if(!*fun)". 

Reid Huntsinger

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