[Rd] Bug in help(package=) (PR#7923)

murdoch at stats.uwo.ca murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Wed Jun 8 22:02:08 CEST 2005

The following is a bug or mis-design in help(package=):

 > showhelp <- function(packageName) help(package=packageName)
 > showhelp("utils")
Error in .find.package(pkgName, lib.loc, verbose = verbose) :
         none of the packages were found

The problem is that it calls library(help=) with argument "packageName" 
instead of "utils".  Unlike library(), it has no character.only argument 
to force interpretation of the packageName as a character vector.

--please do not edit the information below--

  platform = i386-pc-mingw32
  arch = i386
  os = mingw32
  system = i386, mingw32
  status =
  major = 2
  minor = 1.0
  year = 2005
  month = 04
  day = 18
  language = R

Windows XP Professional (build 2600) Service Pack 2.0

Search Path:
  .GlobalEnv, package:methods, package:stats, package:graphics, 
package:grDevices, package:utils, package:datasets, Autoloads, package:base

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