[Rd] Citation for R

Gordon K Smyth smyth at wehi.EDU.AU
Mon Jun 13 02:37:40 CEST 2005

This is just a note that R would get a lot more citations if the recommended citation was an
article in a recognised journal or from a recognised publisher.

I use R in work leading to publications often, and I strongly want to give the R core team credit
for their work.  However I find that I can't persuade my biological collaborators to include the
current R citation (below) in their reference lists, because it is not an article in a recognised
journal nor from a recognised publisher.  I can cite the 1996 paper by Ihaka and Gentleman, and
sometimes this what I do, but I'd really like to give credit to the other R core members as well,
for example the CRAN people and those involved in the Windows version.

I know this is more work for the R team, like everything else, but an article on the story of R
since the creation of the core team would be really nice to see.

> citation()

To cite R in publications use:

  R Development Core Team (2005). R: A language and environment for statistical
  computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. ISBN
  3-900051-07-0, URL http://www.R-project.org.


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