[Rd] Citation for R

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb at cesmail.net
Mon Jun 13 03:02:20 CEST 2005

Gordon K Smyth wrote:

>This is just a note that R would get a lot more citations if the recommended citation was an
>article in a recognised journal or from a recognised publisher.
>I use R in work leading to publications often, and I strongly want to give the R core team credit
>for their work.  However I find that I can't persuade my biological collaborators to include the
>current R citation (below) in their reference lists, because it is not an article in a recognised
>journal nor from a recognised publisher.  I can cite the 1996 paper by Ihaka and Gentleman, and
>sometimes this what I do, but I'd really like to give credit to the other R core members as well,
>for example the CRAN people and those involved in the Windows version.
>I know this is more work for the R team, like everything else, but an article on the story of R
>since the creation of the core team would be really nice to see.

Are there any restrictions on the domain of discourse where said
publication could take place? For example, last year's Computer
Management Group (CMG) proceedings had a paper by someone who is using R
in much the same manner as I am -- to analyze computer performance data.
It's not biology, but it *is* peer-reviewed. Try "Using R for System
Performance Analysis" by James Holtman in the 2004 Proceedings of the CMG.

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