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(Forgot to post.) Yes, that was a typo, and the reason is the same; the C
function expects a value rather than its address. That's why you can't use
it directly from Fortran (aside from naming issues) but it's fine in C.

Reid Huntsinger

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Thanks for your reply.

Am I write if I say that the wrapper shoul be 
double F77_SUB(mygammafn)(double *x) { return gammafn(*x); }

instead of 
double F77_SUB(mygammafn)(double *x) { return gammafn(x); }

the first does not compile.
wrapper2.c: In function `mygammafn_':
wrapper2.c:6: error: incompatible type for argument 1 of `Rf_gammafn'

The second compiles and works fine.

But still,  I find it very strange as the C function gammafn actually called

( as I can see from /R-2.1.0/src/nmath/gamma.c)
is not defined as
double gammafn(double *x)

but as
double gammafn(double x)

Am I missing something ?


Le Mercredi 15 Juin 2005 17:06, vous avez écrit :
> I actually deleted a part of my reply, dealing with exactly that. Sorry!
> You need to declare the C wrapper to take a pointer to a double ("double
> *") rather than a double. C passes by value whereas Fortran passes by
> reference; in C you get this effect by passing a pointer to the value
> (which is also a value). So you want
> double F77_SUB(mygammafn)(double *x) { return gammafn(x); }
> That should work; if not let me know and I'll look more carefully at
> Fortran <-> C conventions.
> Reid Huntsinger
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> Thanks Reid!
> And now if I want to call a C function with arguments,
> e.g. to compute the gamma function at x,
> my C wrapper is:
> #include <R.h>
> #include <Rmath.h>
> void F77_SUB(rndstart)(void) { GetRNGstate(); }
> void F77_SUB(rndend)(void) { PutRNGstate(); }
> double F77_SUB(normrnd)(void) { return norm_rand(); }
> double F77_SUB(mygammafn)(double x) { return gammafn(x); }
> And my Fortran is:
>     subroutine testit()
>      implicit none
>      double precision normrnd, x, y, mygammafn
>       call rndstart()
>       x = dabs(normrnd())
>       write(*,*) 'x=',x
>       call rndend()
>       y = mygammafn(x)
>       write(*,*) 'y=',y
>       end
> And it does not work, all calls of testit return the same y value.
> What is incorrect in my files ?
> Gilles
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