[Rd] Unused argument "na.action" to pairs.formula

Tim.Keighley@csiro.au Tim.Keighley at csiro.au
Mon Jun 27 06:25:03 CEST 2005


I believe that the argument "na.action" is not used in the function
pairs.formula (graphics). I am using R 2.1.1 for Windows, downloaded
from CRAN.

This is the body of the function as it is now:

function (formula, data = NULL, ..., subset, na.action = stats::na.pass)

    m <- match.call(expand.dots = FALSE)
    if (is.matrix(eval(m$data, parent.frame()))) 
        m$data <- as.data.frame(data)
    m$... <- NULL
    m$na.action <- stats::na.pass
    m[[1]] <- as.name("model.frame")
    mf <- eval(m, parent.frame())
    pairs(mf, ...)

I think the line "m$na.action <- stats::na.pass" should be "m$na.action
<- na.action". Please correct me if I am wrong or this has already been

Tim Keighley

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