[Rd] spatstat on Win98 (PR#7715)

Georg.Roth at pubhealth.ku.dk Georg.Roth at pubhealth.ku.dk
Sat Mar 5 21:53:58 CET 2005

Full_Name: Georg Roth
Version: R.2.0.1.for Windows
OS: Win98
Submission from: (NULL) (

Using libraries "spatstat" and "sm" on R.2.0.1. under Windows 98

bug 1)
the libraries "spatstat" and "sm" are not properly identified by the 
"library()" command on R.2.0.1. (R for Windows98). the libraryname is shown in 
upper case ("SPATSTAT") although the original name is in lower case
and no good commentary is available - instead the returned commentary in both
reads "**No title available (pre-2.0.0.install?)".

i suppose the following problem to be connected with the first bug:

bug 2)
it is impossible to load the two the libraries "spatstat" and "sm" with the 
command "library(libraryname)". using different versions like
"library("SPATSTAT")",  "library("spatstat")", or "library(spatstat)" and the

the same copies of the two libraries work fine in R.2.0.1. on a Windows2000 PC

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