[Rd] CRAN Task Views: ctv package available

Achim Zeileis Achim.Zeileis at wu-wien.ac.at
Thu Mar 10 14:04:45 CET 2005

Dear developeRs,

in the last month I mentioned in several discussions on R-help that Kurt
and I were working on tools for "CRAN Task Views" which should help to
structure the fast-growing list of packages on CRAN.

Now the first version of a package called ctv (for CRAN Task Views) is
available from CRAN and also two frist drafts for such views can be seen

When you install the ctv package you can also query this from within R
  install.views("Econometrics", lib = "/path/to/foo")

New views can be easily written in an XML-based format from which we can
generate the HTML information displayed on the Web and also the
information needed for querying the views via CRAN.views(). The package
contains a short vignette that explains how to write new task views.

Feedback on the package would be very welcome! Furthermore, if you want
to write and maintain a new task view for a certain topic, that would be
great! Just drop me an e-mail with your suggestion.

Best wishes from Vienna,

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