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Thu Mar 17 19:15:40 CET 2005

Hello, R developers,

I would like to contribute to the R project: I prepared Russian .po-files (and translated a few lines).

List of changes:

  * files *ru.po are generated and a few lines are translated;
  * files ./po/LINGUAS and ./po/THANKS are modified.

I am not sure whether to post the .diff- and archive files here would be such a great idea, so I put them on-line:

  (1) https://dig.yi.org/tmp/R/diff.-ruN.against-33659.diff.gz
  (2) https://dig.yi.org/tmp/R/new-files-for-33659.tar.gz

First file is the result of ``diff -ruN'' against revision 33659, and the second one is just gzipped tar archive of new or modified files.  So, use ``patch'' with the first file to modify the 33659 revision tree, or just unzip+untar second file over the 33659 revision tree.

Best regards,

P.S. Duncan, have you received my last (Mon Mar 14 06:29:39 2005) letter?

1024D/63A6C649: 26A0 E4D5 AB3F C2D4 0112  66CD 4343 C0AF 63A6 C649

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