[Rd] forcing R CMD COMPILE

Pedro Ribeiro de Andrade Neto pedro at est.ufpr.br
Wed Mar 23 05:32:57 CET 2005


I am developing a package with a lot of C++ code, and I have a question
about R CMD COMPILE. As I can see, when the package's Makefile calls


R verifies if foo.o exists, and if it is up to date (last modified after
foo.cpp's last), trying to avoid recompile foo.cpp. But __all__ my files
have other dependencies (at least a .h). The Makefile verifies it, and
calls COMPILE only when it is sure that foo.o is not up to dated. The
problem occours, for example, if I modify only foo.h, and then compile
again. R will say that foo.o is up to date, but it is not true.

Is there any way to force R CMD COMPILE?? Well, I can remove the .o file
before COMPILE, but I think R could do something about it...


Pedro Andrade

LEG - Laboratório de Estatística e Geoinformação
          Departamento de Estatística
        Universidade Federal do Paraná

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