[Rd] interp.surface() error (PR#7745)

takahama at andrew.cmu.edu takahama at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 23 22:16:30 CET 2005

R version: 2.001
OS: Windows XP SP2

When I use the interp.surface() function, on occasion I have encountered 
the following error message:

Error in interp.surface(a, loc) : subscript out of bounds

Since it is somewhat dependent on the data set, I cannot say exactly in 
which cases these occur, but I believe I have found the problem and a 
solution for it:

The scaling calculations in the code,
    lx <- ((nx - 1) * (loc[, 1] - xa))/xr + 1
    ly <- ((ny - 1) * (loc[, 2] - ya))/yr + 1
can lead to numerical error, so in the following lines
    lx1 <- ifelse(lx == nx, nx - 1, trunc(lx))
    ly1 <- ifelse(ly == ny, ny - 1, trunc(ly))
the equality statements which are the first arguments to the IF-ELSE 
statements return false when they are supposed to be true. I believe the 
remedy is to simply avoid absolute equalities, as in the following example 
(which has worked for my problem):
    lx1 <- ifelse(abs(lx - nx) < 1e-10, nx - 1, trunc(lx))
    ly1 <- ifelse(abs(ly - ny) < 1e-10, ny - 1, trunc(ly))

I hope this is an appropriate posting for an error report. Thank you very 
much for your hard work,

Satoshi Takahama
Dept. of Chemical Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-7570

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