[Rd] memory problem

Jared.O'Connell at csiro.au Jared.O'Connell at csiro.au
Tue May 3 06:11:59 CEST 2005



I am undertaking my first attempt at using compiled C code within R and
have run into this lovely problem when I call my C code (using .C).


The instruction at "0x10001d1b" referenced memory at "0x01fa2000". The
memory could not be "written".


Now this doesn't happen every time and furthermore I've tested the code
in plain C and it all works fine leading me to think has been caused by
an insidious misuse of pointers somewhere or other.  I'm guessing I am
overwriting some bit of memory that actually belongs to R.  However,
before I start checking and rechecking all my memory management I just
wanted to see if there is are any other paths I should be investigating.







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