[Rd] Windows/7706 (PR#7889)

Duncan Murdoch murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Mon May 23 17:32:59 CEST 2005

James W. MacDonald wrote:
> Philippe Grosjean wrote:
>>According to the link you cite 
>>(http://r-bugs.biostat.ku.dk/cgi-bin/R/Windows?id=7706), it seems it is 
>>related to an AMD Athlon processor. Mine is an Intel Pentium IV HT 
>>3.0Ghz processor, which could explain, why I cannot reproduce this bug. 
> I don't think it is AMD specific, because I can reproduce this bug using 
> R-2.1.0 patched on a P4 HT processor. I get the same result as Andy 
> using both
> png("foo.png")
> plot(1:10, main="foo")
> dev.off()
> and
> plot(1:10, main="foo")
> savePlot("foo","png")
> Best,
> Jim
> platform i386-pc-mingw32
> arch     i386
> os       mingw32
> system   i386, mingw32
> status   Patched
> major    2
> minor    1.0
> year     2005
> month    05
> day      14

I think this is likely related to bug 7860, which I fixed right around 
May 14.  Does your CHANGES file include these lines:

> For some operations on windows() and related devices the first text
> drawn could be improperly sized. (PR#7860).

If not, please download a newer copy of R-patched, and see if you can 
still reproduce the bug.  I can't reproduce it in a recent build.

Duncan Murdoch

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