[Rd] FW: Re: (Case 843) Recon-X msg: "Failed to get the list of instances: Server's ssh public key does not match our private ssh key"

Latchezar Dimitrov ldimitro at wfubmc.edu
Thu Nov 10 20:13:38 CET 2005


Would you please install the six dependency packages as per the
suggestion bellow? This is for Recon-X server you installed some time
I case you need to please feel free to contact Bruno fro StarNet at
(604) 630-8700.


PS. I will answer the rest of the questions from bellow by myself.

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instances: Server's ssh public key does not match our private ssh key"

Hi Latchezar,

Please see my comments inline (below).

>As you correctly assumed I am not the sysadmin on the machine (how else

>to explain the way you describe what you want ;-) and it will be very 
>much problematic to play with re-installations of the Recon-X server.
>Fortunately, since I was wise to ask for it, I have almost complete 
>copy of the installation session. Please find it attached.

>From what I can see, Latchezar, seems like some of the required
dependency packages were not installed during setup. The setup complains
about them during the install. These are:


You do not need to go through the entire installation again but you do
need these packages installed before Recon-X would work. You can find
these packages under the deps directory. Please have your system
administrator install these six deps and have him run the command:

# /opt/csw/ReconX/bin/nxsetup

Please see if this fixes the problem. 

PS - Just in case you need these steps in detail, I'll be more than
happy to send you a follow up email today with detailed steps you (or
the system administrator) needs to take in order to get Recon-X working.

>The server is Sun SPARC with Solaris 9.

Could you provide me with the output of the command ssh -V? Is the
server using Sun's supplied SSH server? 

>I have also reported a second "feature" of the client. After its 
>unsuccessful attempt to connect to the server it interferes with say 
>SSH FTP Client from SSH Communication Security preventing it from 
>getting connected. This should _not_ depend on any software on any 
>other machine being installed properly or not or whatever. This should 
>be fixed first since it blocks my normal work.

Absolutely. Now, just to understand you correctly..you have an SSH
server running on the server and you connect via sftp to this server
using SSH Communication's SSH/SFTP client, correct? And for some reason,
after the installation of ReconX client on windows, the ssh sftp windows
stops working?

ReconX should not interefere with the SSH server in any way that impedes
your work. Perhaps you can installs the deps and clarify the second
problem, I can suggest and fix what might be going wrong. 

With warm regards,


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