[Rd] PPC package-ppc.read.raw.nobatch (PR#8316)

ligges@statistik.uni-dortmund.de ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Nov 16 17:29:07 CET 2005

martin.o'gorman at nonlinear.com wrote:

> Full_Name: Martin O'Gorman
> Version: 
> OS: 
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> I have been looking at the PPC package and have a question. As the input data is
> comma separated, shouldn’t the command to read in the raw (no batch) mass spec
> data indicate that sep=”,”  (marked below) ? Otherwise, the data read in is the
> pair of values (m/z,intensity). It is not obvious why that should be. While
> playing around with the data, I noticed that xtr (the intensity matrix) is a
> full matrix of value NA as a result of omitting the “,”. I apologize in advance
> if I have missed something obvious. However, the batch read function does use
> the sep=”,”. This possible bug doesn't doesn't crash the script and so is
> difficult to spot.
> Many thanks 
> Martin

Please report bugs in contributed R packages to the package maintainer 
rather than to R-bugs. The R Core members cannot do anything in such a 
case but have to clean up teh bug repository after you...
Please note that the package you are talking about is probably named 
"ppc" rather than "PPC".

Uwe Ligges

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