[Rd] minor suggestion for optim documentation

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Fri Nov 18 19:13:02 CET 2005

   consider adding the following clause to the optim documentation
describing SANN?  I had to go look this up in the
optim.c code for a student who is not proficient
in C, and it may be simple enough to include it
in the documentation.  (This replaces the existing
sentence that ends where the semicolon is.)

Temperatures are decreased according to the
   logarithmic cooling schedule as given in Belisle (1992, p. 890);
   specifically, the temperature is set to
\code{temp/(log((t-1) %/%tmax)*tmax+exp(1))},
   where \code{t} is the current iteration step.

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