[Rd] write.csv ignores 'row.names'

Roger Peng rpeng at jhsph.edu
Thu Nov 24 17:30:50 CET 2005

Upon replying to this email, I took a look at 'write.csv()' and noticed 
something interesting.  I remember there being a discussion sometime in 
the past about letting 'write.csv()' accept the 'row.names' argument. 
However, I get the following error:

 > write.csv(airquality, file = "myfile.csv", row.names = F)
Error in write.table(airquality, file = "myfile.csv", row.names = F, 
col.names = NA,  :
         col.names = NA makes no sense when row.names = FALSE

In 'write.csv()' there is

     rn <- Call$row.names
     Call$col.names <- if (is.logical(rn) && !rn)

but is.logical(rn) is always FALSE because even if 'row.names' is 
specified (non-NULL), it is of class "name".  Perhaps something like

rn <- eval(Call$row.names)

would suffice?  I can't tell if that would break anything.


Sven Schaltenbrand wrote:
> hallo,
> i have a problem by writing a csv file
> the first colum is filled with index numbers from 1 to n.
> i have to unique two csv files once a week while one file is always the
> same.
> can anybody tell me, how to write the dataset into a csv file without the
> first row of the indexnumbers.
> x[,-1] does not wok as it eliminates the first "interesting" colum.
> col.names is not accepted by r (do i habe to start a package first? which
> one?)
> thx
> sven
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