[Rd] [ANN] bash completion for R

Deepayan Sarkar deepayan at stat.wisc.edu
Wed Nov 30 20:19:19 CET 2005

[This is of potential interest primarily to bash users and  R package 
developers (hence the posting to r-devel only). Others, feel free to ignore.]

I have been using bash's command completion features [1] for a while now, to 
the point where I expect everything to just work when I hit TAB. Since there 
was no bash completion for R (that I knew of), I took a stab at it myself 
last summer. This was my first major effort in bash programming, so it's far 
from perfect, but it mostly works. In case anyone's interested, the script is 
available at 


which has more details on installation and use.

Any feedback/improvements appreciated.


[1] http://www.caliban.org/bash/#completion

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