[Rd] Entry for "sub"

Mike Prager mike.prager at noaa.gov
Tue Dec 5 21:09:53 CET 2006

R Core Team--

Would it be reasonably easy for the function "sub" be given its
own bookmark in the next edition of the R Reference Manual?  I
could not remember the name of any R function to do substring
substitution, and it was not easy to find.  It does appear in
the index, but not in the bookmarks, nor under "*Topic

By the way, let me express my appreciation for the *Topic
entries in the RRM index.  They are the closest I've found to
any taxonomic listing of R functions and have saved me a lot of
looking around.

Not to be churlish, but rather for the record, the major R
reference books I have (Verani, V&R 4, Maindonald & Braun, S
Prog) are rather thin on index entries under "character" or

I realize that if I already knew the answer, I could have found
it, easily, but I didn't, and it was not easy.

THANKS for considering it.

Mike Prager, NOAA, Beaufort, NC
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