[Rd] dyn.load and function calls without 'PACKAGE' argument

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
Fri Dec 8 23:31:49 CET 2006


You might look at the package padi (and also dsepadi) in the dseplus 
bundle in the devel area of CRAN. This provides an R to Fame link, and I 
have tried to do it in a generic way that can potentially interface to 
other time series data bases. It also handles endian issues, if your 
servers do not have the same architecture as the clients. Padi does not 
link the Fame stuff directly into R. Instead, it links a client side rpc 
program that talks to a server side that is linked to the Fame hli. This 
means the client is independent of the server side database, which has 
some advantages. Compiling is handled by a Makefile in the src directory 
and the location of run time code is handled by environment variables. 
It is a bit more complicated than this, because of the server and client 
modes. You may actually want something simpler, but the packages builds 
without errors (at least the client mode part of it). I have left it in 
the devel area mainly because the documentation is incomplete.

The package is very stable. I have been using it for fifteen years 
(first on Splus and now in R). It has a few shortcomings, but they are 
not things I need much. There are lots of improvements I could suggest.

Paul Gilbert

jhallman at frb.gov wrote:
> I'm writing a package that interfaces to the FAME database, via a
> library of compiled C routines accessible through a Linux .so file.  My
> .onLoad() function loads the .so like this:
> dyn.load("/opt/fame/timeiq/lib/linux_x86/libjchli.so", local = F)
> and after that I also load my own fame.so via
> library.dynam("fame", package = "fame")
> The code in fame.so uses functions found in libjchli.so, making the
> 'local = F' argument in dyn.load() necessary.  But since Fame symbols
> are found in libjchli.so, which is NOT part of my package, I can't, for
> example, do this:
> .C("cfmfin", status = integer(1), PACKAGE = "fame")
> since the PACKAGE argument tells R to look only in fame.so for symbols.
> Instead, I have to do it without specifying 'PACKAGE', i.e., 
> .C("cfmfin", status = integer(1))
> This works, but 'R CMD check' complains: 
> "Foreign function calls without 'PACKAGE' argument:"
> followed by a list of the functions called from libjchli.so.
> Is there a way to make R CMD check happy here?
> Jeff
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