[Rd] Phonetic symbols (IPA) in R graphics

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If all else fails (and hopefully someone who knows more about fonts and
such can give you a better suggestion so you don't even have to try
this) then look at the last example for the subplot function in the
TeachingDemos package.  This shows how you can insert images into a
plot, you could create an image file of the symbol you want to use and
then have subplot put it in the correct position. 

Hope this helps,

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Hi all,
I would like to add phonetic symbols in my figures. Usually I typeset my
documents in LaTeX and I use the tipa [1] package to get International
Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) fonts. So, my problem would be solved if I could
insert LaTeX commands in the text() function (I guess at least).

I would like to avoid using psfrag (that is, inserting a string in the
eps figure and then substituting it with the right symbol with
dvips) because I would like to work with pdf pictures and pdflatex as
well as latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf.

If inserting special fonts is not possible at the moment, I would
appreciate some hints on how I could go about modifying text() to
include this feature. (This is why I post to r-devel instead of

Thank you!

[1] http://www.essex.ac.uk/linguistics/clmt/latex4ling/tipa/

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