[Rd] Detecting compilation under R

Barry Rowlingson b.rowlingson at lancaster.ac.uk
Thu Dec 14 18:57:17 CET 2006

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> If *no* R.h is around: easy to solve.

  Have a dummy R.h somewhere?

> What is BUILD?

  Oh, pardon me for forgetting the arbitrary capitalisation of R CMD 
thingies. Can someone come up with a mnemonic for remembering that 
build, check, and config are lower case, and everything else has initial 
caps? Except for Sd2Rd. (Yes, R --help tells you).

> You've clipped it from my previous mail, with no indication.  As the 
> posting guide points out, this is reprehensible.

  This bit?

#include <R.h>
#ifdef USING_R
x = rand_unif(0.0,1.0);
#include <gsl_random.h>
x = gsl_runif(0.0,1.0);

  USING_R is only useful here if you can make #include <R.h> not include 
the official R.h file and not give a 'file not found' error message. I 
cant see how to do this without requiring either a dummy R.h file 
somewhere or options on the C command line. This would then be better 
done with cc -DR_CODE and then use #ifdef R_CODE to include R.h. Then 
USING_R is meaningful.

  Here's what I'd like to do. Give someone a file 'simple.c' and say:

  "Compile it with 'cc -o simple simple.c -lgsl' and then run from the 
command line, or do 'R CMD SHLIB simple.c', then do a dyn.load and a 
.C() call'."

  if "R CMD SHLIB" and "R CMD build" set a preprocessor flag then this 
could be done. You could even have -DRSHLIB and -DRbuild on the command 
line to give it a bit more intelligence.

  My behaviour may be reprehensible but sometimes your responses seem 
cryptic to the point of incomprehensible.


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