[Rd] jpeg() and png() in R-2.4.x (PR#9423)

sophie.martin at actigenics.com sophie.martin at actigenics.com
Wed Dec 20 10:49:51 CET 2006

I have tried to install R-2.4.x on my computer (linux - mandriva 2007 - 
64bits), with tar file for R-4.2.1 and rpm file for R-2.4.0, and 
function capabilities() says to me that JPG, PNG and TCLTK are not 
available. However, with the version R-2.3.x with whicc I work , they 
are available.
May be it's a bug, or may be my mandriva 2007 distribution are not all 
required libraries ? But I have not find "REQUIREMENTS" files on the 
CRAN site to verify that.

Thanks for your help,

Sophie Martin

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