[Rd] R windows crash (PR#9426)

robert.denham at nrm.qld.gov.au robert.denham at nrm.qld.gov.au
Thu Dec 21 00:57:40 CET 2006

Full_Name: Robert Denham
Version: R-2.4.1
OS: Windows Xp
Submission from: (NULL) (

R gui exits without warning when I run a function which has an argument with a
default that is not found.  

This was a result of an error in a function I wrote, but I thought that it
should exit more gracefully than it does. Here is an example:

testfun <- function(aa=aa) {
    aa <- lm(y~x,data=aa)

testfun() #R then exits.

Note that 

testfun <- function(aa=bb) {
    aa <- lm(y~x,data=aa)

works as it should, giving "object bb not found".

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