[Rd] DBI + ROracle problem with parser ?? (PR#9424)

dhinds at sonic.net dhinds at sonic.net
Fri Dec 22 07:36:28 CET 2006

christian.hoffmann at wsl.ch wrote:

> doesn't:

> dbGetQuery(conn, "\nselect * from dual")

> dbGetQuery(conn, "select\n * from dual")

> dbGetQuery(conn, "/* comment */ select * from dual")

This sounds like my doing.  What version of Oracle are you using?
Oracle 9i has a bug that interferes with the documented mechanism for
asking Oracle for the type of an SQL statement (i.e. whether it is a
query returning row data, or a statement that modifies rows).  So I
asked David James for a quick fix that consisted of checking the
beginning of the SQL for either "select" or "with".

We could be more sophisticated about parsing things, I guess skipping
over any arbitrary combination of comments and white space.  Or, if
you're using a version of Oracle not affected by the bug, you can edit
src/Makefile and comment out the line:


-- Dave

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