[Rd] Rd files with unknown sections

Herve Pages hpages at fhcrc.org
Wed Feb 1 20:30:08 CET 2006


With recent versions of R-devel, "R CMD check" complains about
some "Rd files with unknown sections".

hpages at gladstone:~> R CMD check multtest_1.9.4.tar.gz
* checking Rd files ... WARNING
Rd files with unknown sections:
  /home/hpages/multtest.Rcheck/00_pkg_src/multtest/man/MTP.Rd: notes
See chapter 'Writing R documentation files' in manual 'Writing R
WARNING: There was 1 warning, see
for details
I've tried with other Bioconductor packages and "R CMD check" complains
that "alias", "warning", "detail", etc... are "unknown sections".

I get these warnings with R-devel built from a snapshot tarball
from 2006-01-23 (r37152) and 2006-01-31 (r37220).
I don't get it with R-devel tarball from 2006-01-04 (r36984).



Hervé Pagès
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