[Rd] R 2.2.1 installation trouble on SGI/Sun (PR#8575)

Atro Tossavainen atossava at cc.helsinki.fi
Wed Feb 8 11:00:58 CET 2006

Dear Prof Ripley,

Thank you for your quick response!

> Please do not send questions to R-bugs (especially as well as to R-devel).

Sorry.  I took the addresses from a response to an older question that
I had received from Kurt Hornik.  That message had been cc'd to both.

> The thing you are getting as "" is from (see doc/Makefile)
>            $(INSTALL_DATA) $(srcdir)/$${f} "$(rdocdir)"; \
> What is rdocdir set to in Makeconf?  It (and related quantities) should be
> rhome = ${libdir}/R
> rsharedir = ${rhome}/share
> rincludedir = ${rhome}/include
> rdocdir = ${rhome}/doc

rhome = ${libdir}/R
rsharedir = 
rincludedir = 
rdocdir = 

(I find this is the case both on Solaris 7 and on IRIX 6.5.)

> unless you set something non-standard during configure.  (If you did not, 
> the code is very simple and anything else here would seem to indicate a 
> bug in the shell used, but please debug it.)

The only changes to "./configure" that I made were to set the relevant
environment variables to pick the native compilers instead of gcc, and
--prefix=/afs/bi/v/{systemtype}/apps/stats/R/2.2.1 (for literal values
of system type; sgi_65, sun4x_57).

The shell I performed "configure" under is bash 2.05, which is
admittedly old too.  It hasn't caused any such problems before, though,
and I have built a very large amount of autoconfigured software for
these platforms with it.

> Solaris 7 is very old: this does work on Solaris 8 (from where I copied 
> the above).

IRIX 6.5 is current and displays the same issue.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.  If there is anything I can
do to help debug the problem further, please let me know.

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