[Rd] Rf_errorcall - translate to Pascal

Hans-Peter gchappi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 09:55:57 CET 2006


I (try to) convert the external R header files to Pascal (Delphi). At
one place I stumbled over a macro that uses a method that is not
declared in a LGPL header file:

In Rinternals.h:
   #define error_return(msg)	{ Rf_error(msg); return R_NilValue; }
   #define errorcall_return(cl,msg){ Rf_errorcall(cl, msg); return R_NilValue; }
In Error.h:
    void Rf_error(const char *, ...);
    [Rf_errorcall is not declared here, would be something like:
     void Rf_errorcall(SEXP, const char *,...)]

Is this by purpose or would it be possible to pull the Rf_errorcall
declaration to the error.h file? It's not that I need the Rf_errorcall
function, it's more that I am a bit pedantic and like to translate the
complete thing (based on LGPL (which is more convenient in the Delphi
world) - well you might not care about this).

How is this handled in general, I mean, there might be other spots
like this. Is it appropriate to ask such questions here?


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