[Rd] Bug in Sweave? -- scoping problem? (PR#8615)

murdoch@stats.uwo.ca murdoch at stats.uwo.ca
Sat Feb 18 20:41:37 CET 2006

I have found a strange scoping problem in Sweave.  The following Rnw
file doesn't produce the same output in Sweave as it does if I produce
an R file using Stangle and execute that:

election <- data.frame(A=1:3, B=9:7, C=rep(0,3))
partytotal <- rep(0, ncol(election))
for (i in 1:ncol(election)) {
      partytotal[i] <- sum(election[,i], na.rm=TRUE)

names(partytotal) <- names(election)
partytotal <- sort(partytotal)

The data.frame "election" contains columns which are vote counts for 3
parties, with rows being 3 electoral districts.   The column totals are
6 for A, 24 for B, and 0 for C.  I calculate those totals in a vector
partytotal, assign the names to its entries, and then sort it.

The strange thing is that while the value in partytotal is output 
correctly as

  > names(partytotal) <- names(election)
  > partytotal <- sort(partytotal)
  > partytotal
   C  A  B
   0  6 24
  > dotchart(partytotal)

but the dotchart contains the wrong values:  it shows sorted
values, but not sorted names, which is also what is left over in my
workspace after the Sweave call:

  > partytotal
   A  B  C
   0  6 24

These tests were run in R 2.2.1, but I see the same thing in today's 

Duncan Murdoch

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