[Rd] Rcpp -> RcppTemplate package with L-GPL

Andrew Garbutt agarbutt at systemsbiology.org
Tue Feb 28 20:57:18 CET 2006

Thank you all for your input and ideas.  It seems this discussion has
clarified the purpose of the Rcpp/RcppTemplate package and further
demonstrated both creating and linking with an external library as well
as utilizing C++ for creating R packages.  Moving the Rcpp code base to
a separate library encourages using its variable parsing in other
packages.  Thank you again.


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Subject: Rcpp -> RcppTemplate package with L-GPL

The R package previously named Rcpp has been renamed to
RcppTemplate (version 1.4), and it is on its way to CRAN.

This is clearer because now RcppTemplate is an R package,
RcppExample is a sample R function, and Rcpp is a C++
class library.

The new package contains the Rcpp class library released
under L-GPL instead of the more restrictive GPL, and it has
been reorganized so that it can be used like a template for
creating R packages that use C++ libraries.

In particular, the Rcpp source files have been moved from src to
inst/lib, and the static library libRcpp.a is built as part of the
install process. It is linked against when building the package
shared library and then deleted.

See the latest RcppAPI.pdf file for more information. To view it
use vignette("RcppAPI"), or simply fetch the PDF file from

Be sure to remove the old package named Rcpp if present, because
otherwise there will be two vignettes named RcppAPI, and this
confuses vignette() (chokes under Windows).


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